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A lot of statistical theory has to do with sorting signals from noise. What does this have to do with everyday life? Consider the problems of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. As the post 9/11 report shows there was ample evidence that something was going to happen. A lot of people said that no one expect […]

Ott’s Rules

Ellis Ott was a statistician at Rutgers. He wrote a well known book entitled Process Quality Control in which (among other things) he laid out some rules for those wishing to establish process control. They were: 1. Use Data That is, no more “gut feel”. Or, “I’m 90% confident in this one…” If there is […]

The typical response when a course in statistics is either horror or fear. For some reason, it has a bad name. Yet, there is probably no branch of mathematics more useful to the common man other than, perhaps, algebra. I’d put statistics ahead of algebra, but that’s just me. Much of life is prediction of […]

Web Page

I’ve used WordPress to set up this Blog. I’d like to get some templates to make setting up a web page as easy this was (and it was free!). But the templates I’ve seen so far are not that great and cost $50 each. There is one service that allows subscriptions for $189 for unlimited […]

More Katrina

One of the most disheartening aspects of the poverty and helplessness that Katrina made obvious is how unnecessary it is. How is it that in a country with so much wealth so many people have so little. Of course, there will always be some people with more and others with less. A certain amount of […]

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