Questions on the line

This post was written by John on March 27, 2009
Posted Under: Statistical Thinking

At one point someone asked me to write down some of the questions I ask people when I do a plant tour. I came across one of the sheets I prepared lately and thought I would share it.

What data do you collect?

Who collects the data?

How is it recorded?

What kind of data is it?

Do you take any measurements?

Are they pass/fail measurements or measurements using numbers?

What is the yield of your process?

Is that recorded on a chart?

What happens with rejected material?

What kinds of problems do you have day to day?

Is anyone working on solving them? Who? How?

Have you ever had any training?

What kind of training was it? Who did it?

Do you what to do when you come to work in the morning?

How much work in process inventory is there?

Can you show it to me?

What kinds of charts are used in your work?

Can you show me how you use them?

What do you do if you have questions about how to proceed?

Do engineers every come and help you in your work?

Have you ever made a mistake at work?

What happened when you made a mistake?

What happens when other workers make mistakes?

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