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“The data of an experiment consist of much more than a mean and it sstandard deviation. The user of the results in order to understand them may require not only the origiinal data, but also a description or reference to the method of investigation, the date, place, the duration fot he test, a record of […]

The purpose of collecting data is to make predictions Since all decisions are predictions, data is needed for decision making Measurements and measurement methods, must be defined and agreed upon The accuracy, repeatability and precision of measurements must be estimated Graphs provide more information than tables Data displayed in time sequence provide context All data […]

Just ran across this quote in the introductory quotes of Walter A. Shewhart’s Classic, “Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product”. “A situation like this merely means that those details which determine the future in terms of the past may be so deep in the structure that at present we have no immediate experimental knowledge […]

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method has a long history going back to the second millennium. It perhaps got its biggest boost from Alhazen an Arab physicist who was as influential as Newton in many ways. He was born in Basra, now in Iraq, which was a part of Persia at the time. As an Arab he migrated […]

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